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The M6 Really Rocks!

By: Anonymous

[split] I purchased my M6 in January 2013 and although I did not use it much for a few months I have been finding coins everywhere I go. My first White's detector was an Eagle Spectrum, and after 21 years I passed it on to my daughter and it was still working great with no problems. This M6 really rocks! It is simple to use and I like it far better than my old Eagle Spectrum. I hunt everywhere I can legally use a detector and shopping centers with the grassy islands in the parking lot are loaded with coins, and one of my favorite places to shoot. I was just at another shopping center earlier this morning and barely had to move the coil without having to stop and dig another quarter or dime. Simply amazing. And this holds true to every shopping center I have been to. The older the shopping center the more coins. I find the grassy areas outside of fast food restaurants is also great as many people like to sit out on the grass and eat lunch leaving their pocket change for me. Usually when I get a hit I find there are multiple coins just lying there waiting for me. Last week I was hunting farmland and found an 1800 large cent. I have not cleaned it yet, I was going to take it to a coin shop for suggestions on the best way to clean this coin. I was only on this farm property for 25 minutes and dug this 1800 penny. I keep thinking; what the odds that I just happened to start looking having done no research and find a 213 year old penny? I am of the opinion that someone long ago buried what money they had before the British invaded and marched to Washington DC. Over the years with all the tilling this coin stash got scattered and there are more than likely other coins out there waiting to be found. This farm is located along the route the British took on their march to DC.