The Joy a Detector Can Bring

By: Anonymous

In early July a teacher in the school where my wife works was asking around if anyone knew where she could get a metal detector. It seems that she was cutting the grass for her elderly mother-in-law, when the cable got caught on the necklace around her neck. Hanging on the necklace was her gold wedding ring, that no longer fitted her finger.

As the chain broke the ring flew off and she lost it. It seems that her and her family had been looking all weekend, but could not find it. My wife told her that I had a detector and would only be too pleased to come and look for it.

So that evening I drove to the house of the elderly lady and started to search for the lost ring. Although the garden was only small, it was very over grown. I spent around an hour looking, but had no luck. I told the lady that I would try again in a few days time if it had not turned up.


Two days later and my wife told me that the elderly lady had passed away the day after the ring was lost, and that the teacher was devistated. I then decided to go back and try another search in the garden. I went back the following evening and after 10mins - SUCESS!!! There it was in the middle of the lawn. I assume that one of the family members had trod on the ring during their search and had trod the ring into the damp soil.

I returned home with the ring, and rang the lady to tell her the good news. When I told her I had found the ring, she just burst into tears. She explained that the death of her M-I-L and the loss of the ring had taken its toll on her. She was so greatful, and asked what she could get me by way of reward. I told her that I just want one thing - If ever she sees someone using a metal detector in the future, please do not take the mickey out of them! - This made her laugh and she promissed to respect all detectorists in the future.

This story is not about finding some ancient treasure, but it just goes to show how much joy a detector can bring. To be honest I could not have felt better about finding this ring, even if I had found a hourd of gold coins!

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