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The Hunting Bug

By: Anonymous

I am only 11 years old. I begged and begged dad to take me out for a hunt as I now have 'the bug'. 'Oh alright', was his response. 'Yessssssssss' was mine. We got to a very old spot that I have found many coins at including a 1925 Florin. First I got a nice silver bangle. But then, near an old slab of concrete a nice signal - dug a little and BAM a 1917 Australian Shilling, beautiful. Then we went very close to an old fence which produced a beautiful 1896 Threepence, a 1952 Penny and sitting right on the surface a 1948 Half Penny. Then dad said that he'd had enough so I said 'can we dig one more?' Yes was his response. I got an iffy signal that was jumping around. I thought to myself 'just dig it, believe in yourself Max, don't put yourself down'. I dug down and a hexagonal shaped object popped out. After a clean with some water I found out that it was a Western Australia dog registration tag dated 1909. I have heard of people finding these but I never imagined I'd find one. Thanks Minelab for creating such an advanced machine like the X-TERRA 705.