The Find of My Lifetime - 1834 Capped Bust Quarter

By: Anonymous

I had a Capped Bust silver coin on my wish list but never really expected to ever find one, let alone a quarter.

I found this dream find at a public park I’ve been to many times but this is the first time I had my coil over this section of the park. I didn’t think there was much activity in this section so I always concentrated where I was finding lots of wheats and silvers, which was in the middle of the park.


I just ventured to this one area and wasn’t finding much, only two wheat pennies and then, after a little while I got a quarter signal about 4 inches. I figured it was clad but it could be silver because that’s how deep the two wheat pennies were.

When I first pulled it out of the ground I saw the silver edge and thought it was a Washington quarter. I saw an eagle on the back and thought I had a seated, and did a happy dance. I didn’t want to rub the dirt so I waited until I got back to work to rinse it and started doing a bigger happy dance when I saw it was a Capped Bust.

I can’t get over the condition this is in. Not only that, but a few people told me it’s an O over F error. It’s definitely my best metal detecting find. One that will be hard to top.

the-find-of-my-lifetime-1834-capped-bust-quarter-1 the-find-of-my-lifetime-1834-capped-bust-quarter-2