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The Fields Of November

By: Anonymous

Saturday, Kyle invited us down to his choice fields for a hunt, Doug and his nine year old son Malachi, Diane and I drove out to meet him and we all rode to a cornfield first. The stalks were still high in this fresh cut field and so were our expectations.

The others got into the field just a bit ahead of me, but I was able to make the first find, a 12-25 signal led me believe I had a button or maybe a fatty Indian. I did pop out an Indian but it was not a fatty but a severely corroded 1902.


It took us a while more to find where we thought the house site would be. We dug some ornamental brass pieces, a couple of farm relics and then Doug called out and gave the silver signal. His find turned out to be an 1876-CC Seated Dime, a bit worn but a sweet find.

We decided to move on after not getting many any signals at all here. We then moved to a bean field that had given Kyle many keepers before.

I had dug a several Indian signals that turned out to be brass or copper bits of metal. I then got a 12-38 very solid all directions. I dug my plug and when I scanned the clod of dirt. The pin pointer sounded off loudly. I wiped away some dirt and I could see a small dark silvery disc and honestly, my thoughts were "oh no, another play dime".

This time it was different. A quick flick off of dirt showed the magical “Half Dime”. I immediately went into my happy dance and I could see Diane looking at me and shouting out to the others “I think Tony has gotten something good!”

It turned out to be my first ever pre-1900 silver, first seated of course. And to think it was a Half Dime was just frosting on the cake.

The buzz over my find lasted just a bit when Malachi got a good signal. And when his Dad dug it out it was a large copper disc, very corroded our speculation there were maybe a half cent or King George Copper, since it was so thin. But at this time we still have not determined what exactly it is.

We then went to another field that entailed a long walk back crossing several field. Kyle had done well in this field before but other than Doug getting a couple of buttons not much else turned up.

It was getting late so we went across the road to another site where Doug turned up a first for him, a fatty Indian and an 1859 to boot. By this time we were all dead tired and left the fields behind.