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The Coinmaster Is Indeed A Master Of Coins!

By: Anonymous

Thank you White's Electronics for building the Coinmaster. It is a very easy to use; turn on and start hunting detector. On my first ever hunt with the Coinmaster I hunted the site of a 1800's one room school house. There was not much left to it but the shape and size of it were there because of what I seen that was left of the stone foundation.about a half hour into the hunt I got a signal. It said 5 inches deep. I dug the hole and could not believe I found a 1847 large cent. I can't tell you how excited I was. I'll tell ya you folks at White's Electronics named that detector perfect it is indeed the Coinmaster. It is one of the most simple easy to use detectors I have ever used. Since that first hunt I've hunted a high school baseball field a found 23 coins there . I love the fact that it tells you what coin you found and how deep it is before you even dig the hole. This detector can and will pay for itself in a few good hunts . I can't wait to find more coins on the next hunt. Thank you very much White's Electronics.