Thank You for a Top Notch Detector

By: Anonymous

Just yesterday I decided to stop on the way home from work to hunt an empty lot that I had obtained permission to hunt. I get off work at five so I would only have about 45 minutes or so before it would get too dark to see. This lot is beside a very busy single lane highway, especially during the morning and evening rush hours. I had just got to the lot, got my gear ready, and started off into the woods when I noticed the traffic behind me had stopped.


I turned around to see a truck stopped in the road, (no place to pull off there). The driver bailed out of the driver’s side door leaving the door open and ran straight at me; you might guess that was just a little unnerving. He said he didn’t want to lose sight of me?? In an out of breath voice he said something about his wife losing her diamond ring in the back yard several days ago and they could not find it. He said he would greatly appreciate it if I would help them find it. I said you need to get out of the road, I will follow you there.

At his house he explained that his wife has lost a lot of weight lately and both of her rings were very loose and she had been in the corner of the back yard talking to a friend. While talking she was gesturing with her left hand the rings went flying across the yard, both of them. That’s right, there were two of them! One ring was a white gold diamond solitaire, and the other was silver with inset diamonds. Their yard was about 80 feet wide and about 120 feet deep on a downhill slope, with grass on the front half that was about two to four inches deep.

The back half of the yard was covered in a layer of leaves. He showed me where she was standing at the time and what she was doing. From what he said there was about a 120 degree angle out into the yard from where she was standing; that was a lot of area to cover.

I blocked out an area to cover and began hunting in a modified coin and jewelry program. The yard had a lot of targets below the ground that the V3i identified as being below the surface that I could ignore, because the rings would be on or above the surface. There were so many pull-tabs and other targets it was slow going, so I turned the RX Gain down to two, and that eliminated some of the noise. After covering the first block with no luck, only a few surface coins, and quite a few pull-tabs, the darkness had set in and I had to quit.

He wanted to know how I would know it was a ring and not something else. So before going back to the truck, I turned the headphones off so he could hear it. With my ring and a coin I showed him the differences in the tones and the display indications. With that over, I started towards the truck, (detector still on), took two steps and the detector sounded off loud and clear.

The low tone told me it was in the low VDI range, and a glance at the display confirmed it. It was showing a steady 7/8 VDI, target ID of foil/ring, depth of 0 inches. I said this very well may be the gold ring, but it was dark. He pulled out his cell phone, and had an app that used the camera flash as a light. With one swipe he brushed the layer of leaves away, and gleaming back at us was a beautiful white gold diamond solitaire. I heard a sigh of relief and a resounding “Bingo”. In less than 30 minutes we had located the first ring. Before I left we marked the spot and I returned the next afternoon and found the other ring, (this one was silver), in about 10 minutes, only about 15 feet from the first one. The gold ring had flown about 30 feet, downhill from where she had been standing.