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Talked into an Upgrade!

By: Anonymous

I was perfectly happy and content to be swinging around the bush with my GPX-4500. I am a part timer, but with a lot of years under my belt. I had picked up over 3 ounces with the GPX-4500 and things were just peachy.


Then along comes my mate Manny who I have been teaching for a while, and says something stupid like "Mate, lets upgrade to a GPX 5000"! Well I resisted for a while, but as the saying goes "resistance is futile" so, Manny and I bought a GPX 5000.

The first two weeks I was so close to ringing up the dealer and demanding my GPX-4500 back because I hated the GPX 5000! It was SO different. That was in May, and I have now paid for the upgrade and then some. I have gotten used to the GPX 5000 and I am loving that machine.

I was sceptical of how much difference there is between the two but not anymore. Just incredible. I hope the GPX 6000 (or whatever) doesn't come out too soon because I don't think I could stand another attack from Manny!

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