Surprised Beyond Belief

By: Anonymous

On March 2nd my metal detecting world changed forever! I'm currently in college to become a High School History teacher and got into the hobby because of my love for history. I live in East Central Indiana, not really a Civil War hot bed of activity if you know what I mean. However, we do have some relics here, as I found out!!

Due to the mild winter weather, I had hunted a friends property in January and found my first Seated Dime (1891) and decided to hunt it again in March. There was an area near the garage which was polluted with iron and I wanted to detect it using the Two Town Ferous (TTF) program. I put on my 6 x 8 SEF coil on the E-TRAC and went to detect. Withing 15 minutes I got a very good signal near the drive way and it was only 3 inches deep. I decided to dig it and glad that I did.


Out from the hole pops up an early "Puppy Paws" Civil War belt buckle, which was in great shape. I was surprised beyond belief and had to compose myself. The excitement that I felt can not be explained. I had always wanted to find a CW buckle, but never believed I'd find one in my hometown. The great thing is it was easy for me to track down the regiment that the buckle came from. I can say with certainty that the owner of the buckle was from the 69th Indiana Regiment, which mustered in Richmond, Indiana. I'm currently researching the land history, so that I can narrow down the actual owner of the buckle.

This is a terrific hobby, because you never know what your next plug may bring you. I love my E-TRAC and this hobby!!! Thank you for building such a great machine.