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Super Excited

By: Anonymous

A few weeks back, hunting at an old school, I got a very solid signal from my E-TRAC. Cut the plug, and at 5 inches down out came a very large class ring. I was super excited being my first class ring I had ever found. The ring was made from sterling silver and read 2004 state champions across the top and side. Luckily it also had a jersey number and a name on the side of the ring. After a few hours of searching the web I found a team roster for that year, however the name online did not match the name on the ring. Still at least it was a lead. I found guy who was listed on the roster and contacted him through facebook.


After a few days, the guy I contacted, wrote back stating he did not lose a ring but his friend on the team did and said that he would contact him to give him my information. Well a few weeks went by; I thought maybe I had the wrong person, so I decided to contact the friend again. This time however I got name of the owner and contacted him directly. I sent him a message and received a response super quick.

Apparently the owner tried to contact me but he was corresponding to the wrong person on facebook with my same name. He said that the person he kept contacting was pretty confused. Anyways, once our schedules coincided, we met up to return his ring. Turns out he still plays soccer and was very excited to hear I found his ring. He said his mom started crying when he told her that someone found his ring.

I am very happy to return something that had so much sentimental value to him and his family. Happy Hunting to All.