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Success in the Park that Promised Nothing!

By: Anonymous

There is a local park that once was a Poor Farm. I hunted here in the past without any luck. Last night I watched an video of a group hunting this park and had no luck! I explained to my wife that I wanted to hunt there again and give my X-TERRA 705 a go. She wanted to tag along so off we went. The park has clay, sand, black soil and a saltwater creek so it's a little tought.

Well I setup my X-TERRA 705 and 15 min later I found my first silver 1950 dime, Yes I said my first silver a few min later nice tone 1941 quarter. Eveyone but my wife must have thought I was crazy pumping my fist in the air. Next was a 1995 nickel this was very cool because it was not laying flat it was on its edge small tone but the X-TERRA 705 caught it.

Total finds for 2hr hunt: 2-quarters one being silver, 3-dimes one being silver, 3-pennys oldest 1960 and 1-nickel. Here is a pic of my finds from the park that has nothing to offer!