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Success All Around

By: Anonymous

I recieved my X-TERRA 705 over a month ago. I have read Diggers info over and over regarding the X-TERRA 705. Now I am ready.


I arrived at a local park on Galveston Bay to be met by a group there detecting. They said I was wasting my time they had been hunting for hours and the park has been picked over. I pulled my X-TERRA 705 out and started setting it up. As they were laughing at me. I started and with in 10' I pulled a quarter out at 8" then it was on.

Within the next 2 hours I pulled a total of 5-quarters, 3- dimes, 4-nickles, 12 pennys, a broken key and a spoon. Everyone wanted me to tell them about my X-TERRA 705. I told them I have owned Bounty and Garrett and now Minelab. I had hunted this same park with both. That I just knew there was something still here so this was going to be the testing ground for my X-TERRA 705.

Next week I am going to Galveston Beach for a night hunt with their group. The success is the X-TERRA 705 is great and pulled coins from the deep, the greater success is I have made new friends.