Stunning Coins are Find of a Lifetime

By: Anonymous

We went on a dig in Bedford for the Minelab Owners group for my second year. First few days were not that good. I was getting a bit down in the dumps finds-wise.

We were given new fields, heard Roman was coming off, so over to that field. A couple of grots came up so, I went into another field (mowed). This bit of field had bits and bobs came off. Most people went home.


Myself and my detecting buddy Bryn carried on, and within 10 minutes, got a good signal.

First shovel out, nothing. Second shovel, out fell what I thought was a button. As I got it closer to looking at it was a SAXON PENNY (Aethelred II derby mint AD 997 - 1003).

At this point I started to shake and shouted over to Bryn. He was in shock and called me a few choice words, then we walked down the hill.

I had another cracking signal. It turned out to be a silver danarius of (Antoninus Pius Denarius AD 149 minted in Rome). Well that really made my year and the coins are stunners. Like I said, FIND OF A LIFETIME. Enjoy!!

stunning-coins-are-find-of-a-lifetime-1 stunning-coins-are-find-of-a-lifetime-2