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Still Smiling

By: Anonymous

This year I decided to upgrade to a Minelab Safari after seeing my friend recover 3 silver coins on 3 separate occasions with his Safari. This weekend I took it out for the second time to a local Suffolk rally.

After setting out on a lovely sunny day I got my first good signal within 5 minutes and there it was, my first silver. A silver hammered penny, I was so happy I could of gone home then, smiling all the way but I decided to carry on.


Over the next few hours not much was found just a few bits and pieces, I decided to head back to the area where I found the silver which by now had been well covered and footprints everywhere. Then a hour before the end the sky turned black and it looked as if the heavens where going to open, so turning I started to make for shelter. Just as I did I got a good signal (16) so kneeling down I started to dig just as the rain started to fall.

As I turned the soil over I could see what looked like gold, my hand was shaking as I slowly picked it up and yes there it was my first gold. A quarter gold stater, my first gold and first silver all in one day. I went home very wet but smiling all the way….and still am :)

still-smiling-1 still-smiling-2