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SOS Mobile Phone Missing

By: Anonymous

On a Saturday morning, the 8th of December, I got a call from a friend who explained to me that his partner’s son had lost his phone. He asked me if it would be possible to find it with a detector knowing that he probably lost it in a field while ploughing. As there are electronics and metals in phones, I answered that the detector might have good chances to get a response from it. We decided to meet around 2:30 pm at a location 20 kilometres away from Limoges (France).

When I arrived on the site, my friend was still not around so I decided to get ready (shoes for sticky soil, my Minelab X-TERRA 505, my pointer, freshly delivered by Cyrille... (thanks buddy!)... a scoop and I was ready to scan the terrain with my friend next to me. The detecting area was about 25 meters long and 10 meters wide which makes 250 m2. I started to raid the terrain, covering every spot there is. The more I went the more I gathered soil under my shoes.

There was a lot of noise for sure but it wasn’t from the right target. I set my metal detector on All Metal mode, then I tested it on my mobile phone, my X-TERRA gave me a 36 signal but due to some doubts I switched it to All Metal mode anyway. The detector was making noise like a pinball machine but the clue was not clear enough for us to find the target.

On our third attempt, I walked 15 meters away from the previous location, and here my X-TERRA 505, gave me a constant 36 signal. My friend grabbed the shovel and gently dug in the soil.

Suddenly, the mobile phone which have been missing for more than 15 days appeared. We returned it to the daughter of the owner. Despite the fact that the phone had to live with the worms for a few days, it can still function. The owner of the mobile phone was not aware that we have found his phone, we made him believe that we found some horse shoe and some scrap metal. When he arrives home tonight, maybe he’ll believe that Santa Claus exists.

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