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Some of My Best Finds So Far

By: Anonymous

I started detecting around 8 months ago now, after securing my first farm permission I quickly got to work using my newly purchased Safari. After reading all the advice on the Minelab owners forum and trying different settings for myself I soon started hitting the finds and some very nice bits and pieces were seen by human eye's for the first time in many hundreds of years. Most detectorists love finding hammered coins and I’m no exception, I have found a wonderful selection using the Safari along with some really nice Saxon items including a couple of Strap Ends and a lovely Gilded Copper Alloy Disc Brooch / Mount, I love the Safari and would recommend it to anyone whether a novice or an experienced detector user. It definitely comes up with the goods as you can see in the pictures, these are just a selection of the best items I have found since buying the Safari.