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Some Good Karma

By: Anonymous

It's was beautiful day so I spent the morning hunting in my favorite park. The park maintenance crew recently cleared the undergrowth out of a very old section of the park where I've found dozens of barbers in the last 2 years as well as many mercs/buffalos/indians and wheats using my E-TRAC. I knew there had to be more there and with the ground cover cleared out, it was easy to swing the detector.


Right away I got a strong signal and it turned out to be the metal clasp of a purse with IDs/credit cards/money. From the expiration date of the ID, I guessed it had been there a year or two. I also found a business card with a phone number so I called the woman to whom it belonged, who happened to be a few blocks away from the park. She came to pick it up in 10 minutes and thanked me for returning it. Said she had lost it while playing in the park last year and had looked everywhere but never found it. I don't blame her because the weeds would have made it impossible to find before they cut down the grass and small trees. It felt good to do my good deed for the day!

After returning the purse, I went back to hunting the area of cleared ground and found the 1905 indian, then a spill of 3 indians mixed with iron (1902, 1906 and 1907) and then I got a faint signal on the E-TRAC but clearly a high tone that would usually indicate a silver coin. I was hoping for something good but when the 1892 S Barber half popped out of the hole, my jaw dropped. The park has been hunted really hard but it's not often that this part has been cleared (if ever) so I got really lucky in being the first hunter to swing through there this year.

It wasn't until I got home that I realized it's a key date worth a couple hundred dollars! Wow! I hunted a bit more and found the 1926 and 1930 Mercury Dimes as well as a couple more Wheat pennies before I called it quits for the day.

I still can't believe it! Seems like I earned some good karma for returning the purse and got to enjoy a beautiful day in the park and some great old coin finds!