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Some Awesome Finds With my MXT

By: Jessica m.

I found out from the local paper about a church buying a city block with several houses on it. They tore down the houses and began to plan for a parking lot. I called the church to ask permission to hunt during construction. I knew this part of town was very old from doing research about the properties. The church also went back to the late 1800's and I couldn't wait to start hunting. [split] One of my first finds and first civil war artifact was a Civil War Breast Plate. I was so surprised since I live in an area that didn't have any Civil War Battles. A few days later I dug an Infantry Coat Button. It is in very nice shape with the back side still intact. My next find was a little bit of political history. I dug a McClellan for President Medal Dated 1864. Hard to believe this guy ran against Lincoln. Couple other great finds, 1918 standing Liberty Half Dollar & an 1896 Barber Quarter. Also Found V nickels, Indian Head penny's, silver rings, couple gold plated rings and all sorts of artifacts. This was the best place I have ever hunted. I can’t say enough about the quality of White’s products. They are very durable, precise on pinpointing and very accurate target identification.

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