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Soccer Field Metal Detecting Finds

By: Douglas C.

I have two medal detectors, of which I used the Fisher, F75 to locate $17 and change at a soccer field during two different searches. Let me clarify, that at no time did I search inside the playing area. A definite no, no. I used the border line as my guide plus three feet out so my swing pattern ended at the border line. Went down one side and the other, ending up with $9.53. This was a 2 ½ hour search. Two days later I was thinking that when people sit in lawn chairs at the soccer fields, they may be a little further out than my first search. Again using the F75 I just did one side line, only I moved two swing length out from the soccer field border. Collecting $8.00 and change. Search time of 1 ¼ hours. Yes I still have the other side I need to do on a future search. The reason I mentioned I have two detectors is my F75 has a back light so I can continue hunting into the evening hours. Plus, the depth is as good as it gets, with quarters and gold rings easily coming in over 12” ( haven’t had the opportunity to fine one deeper ). Air testing of gold ring and quarters at 15”. I also own a Garrett AT pro, as smooth as a babies butt for operation, easy start up and go. Water proof to ten feet. My go to for beach and lake hunting. No back talk and once you understand what it is telling you, using both sound and target ID, you’ve got it made. Air testing to 12” on quarters and 10” on gold rings. Only one small tick, no back light. Using my AT pro, I have a great collection of rings ( gold ,silver, other medals ) jewelry etc. and 2 two cent pieces, 1866 and 1867. A recent find on the beach is this 1787 gold $15 coin (at the date mentioned ) It is valued today at up to $4,500,000. To bad it turn out to be a copy at a value of $8.00. I hope this gives you some insight to locations and detectors to consider. “Happy hunting”!