So Much History...So Little Time

By: Jessica m.

I was asked by one of my local farmers if I could concentrate on one particular part of a field. Reason being that he was building a new barn in the not too distant future and it would be the last time I would be able to detect that particular area of the field, for obvious reasons. Knowing this area well I was expecting finds from several centuries.[split] To cut a long (6 months) story short the barn is now built and everything under it is now well out of the reach of a metal detector!. But not before I relieved the ground of a number of exciting finds including a Pilgrims Ampula (14th c), Richard the Lion heart Short Cross Penny (13th c), Roman Brooch, Crotal Bells, Seal Matrix, Lead Tokens, Farthing Tokens, Buckles, Rings, Lead Bullets, Buttons, Bag Seals and nearly 100 assorted modern coinage (18th-20th c). I picked the cream of the crop and mounted them on a display for the farmer which will be handed to him in the not too distant future. All these finds would have been lost and would never have seen the light of day if it wasn't for the farmer and myself - mission accomplished!