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So Glad I Upgraded to a V3i

By: Anonymous

I would like to start out by saying thanks for making such amazing detectors. I decided to upgrade from a DFX to a V3i back in January, and man am I glad I did! So far I have found 3 large cents, a 1941 mercury dime, and a lead bale seal. All of which were found in spots where I thought I had previously hunted out with my DFX. The V3i ability to pick up small objects very deep in the ground is just amazing. I have also found a small piece of metal with the Masonic (Free Mason) symbol on it. I am not sure what it would have been to, but I was very excited to find it since the Free Masons are such a secret society. My most recent find was a huge led bullet found near a battlefield in PA. The Bullet was about 9 inches deep, but my V3i picked it up with no problem. It does not look modern since it is made out of lead. My best guess would be it’s probably from the Civil War era.

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