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Snake in the Sand Detecting Find

By: Larry P.

The 29th of May 2016 was a beautiful day to go out to one of the beaches here in Southeast Florida. As usual got up nice and early and got to the beach in time to enjoy a coffee and the sunrise. Took out my Garrett AT Pro, switched to the small 5X8 coil and made off for a day of treasure hunting. Lately this beach has been a bit thin on targets as the tourist season/summer is just now getting in to full swing. Today I was finding clad about 10 feet on to the beach. I found about 4 spills with over a dollar in assorted change. I went to my old backup search area under the pier. Since it is the only shade on the beach a lot of people get under it during the day. Needless to say there are a lot of bottle caps and pull tabs to dodge. There was an area of the pier at the beginning that had been tape off for some reason. I was going along the edge of the taped off area when I got a solid low tone. I dropped the scoop in the sand and shook. Nothing. I re-scanned and got tone again and looked and saw something shiny in the hole. I reached in and got a hold of the clasp that was sticking out and pulled out a 19 inch 14K gold snake weave chain necklace. Oh yes…. The AT Pro has found me ANOTHER fine piece of gold on the beach. It was a nice day at the beach….

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