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Single Earring Metal Detecting Find

By: Geno S.

My name is Geno Sola. I'm 49 years old and live in Ventura, California. I started detecting with my Dad at age 9 and have been detecting off and on since. I have recently introduced my wife to the hobby. She is now addicted to digging. On December 8th 2017, 2 days before we officially got married after a lengthy 10 year engagement, we had decided to detect an old park just north of Ojai, Ca. Upon detecting we found an unusual amount of beaver tail pull tabs, bottle caps, nails and other trash items along with coins dating from the mid 70s back as far as the 40s. I had dug so many bottle caps that day that I had literally stoped digging a tid# 16 and 18 on my Minelab X-Terra 705. I was just fed up with how many I had pulled out of the ground so at this time I was basically digging the limited coin signals. The sun was now sinking behind the mountains and it was getting a little chilly for us sun bums out here in southern California. We had decided to detect back to the car. I had hit another TID# 18 on my X-Tterra 705 and I decided to pass it up because it was more than likely another bottle cap. I had then stepped a few steps in front of the target but still in reach of my search coil. I turned around and swung the coil over the target a couple more times and I said what's another bottle cap, bent down, dug my plug, and tipped it out of the hole. Low and behold at 8 inches deep an 18k gold inside out earring holding 69 1/8th carrot diamonds. I showed my wife and immediately she wanted it. I told her finders keepers. She pressed constantly throughout the year to give it to her - she loved the design. I would tell her what are you going to do with just one earring and laugh it off. But my wife didn't know that I was having a custom ring made for our 1st anniversary Dec 10th 2018. Much to her surprise I found an opportunity to get down on one knee to help her with something, like when I proposed, and sprung it on her. She was so excited she was shaking, crying and smiling all at the same time. I felt like I had won her heart like a knight in shining armor.