Silver Trench Art Find

By: Jessica m.

About 2 months ago I decided to go on a quick trip while the wife walked the dogs. I decided to go to an old homestead...a.k.a. my parent's front yard. About 5 minutes into my hunt and removing a few screws off coke caps, I get a weird signal. [split] My White's MXT is bouncing all over the place and I think it is a buried coke can. I have found those here before, so I decide to remove the coke can. About 5-6" down, I see a glimpse of silver and realize it's a ring! I call my wife over while I remove the Alabama red clay. There is something written inside and I can see some words and 1918. She comes over and translates what it says. 'liberte egalite fraternite'. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. What is weird is that the other words, Francais Republique, on the other side of the ring are inverted. After some searching, I realize this is a French 2 Franc and the words that are on the ring are from the back of that kind of coin. Some more searching reveals that this is a form of trench art and is popular among troops. I do know that the family that lived in the house when we bought the place one of the sons was born in the house in 1915 and I think he mentioned at the time that his dad served in France during World War I. I consider this one of my best finds ever and it even fits my ring finger. This find actually overshadows that I found my oldest coin to date and 1st wheatie ever, a 1936 wheatie.

silver-trench-art-find-1 silver-trench-art-find-2