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Silver Coin Spill Metal Detecting Find

By: Heriberto C.

I bought my AT Gold from Kellyco and that machine is Awesome! Last Sunday I went to a New Haven trail I had never been to. After a long day, I found only 1 skeleton key, 1 Indian Head Penny, an old padlock, and then...OH...MY...GOD...a solid 86 sound on my detector. I go down, make my hole and find a 1964 Washington quarter. Again, another quarter and take out many more quarters and dimes. MY GOD...40 Washington quarters from 1950-1964 and 85 dimes from 1946-1964. That's a total of 125 Silver coins. It was my first SILVER COIN SPILL EVER. It totaled $18.50 face value of SILVER COINS. THANKS KELLYCO FOR THE GREAT MACHINE!