Silver Class Ring Reunited with Owner 50 Years Later!

By: Anonymous

I was searching a local football field at a school that I have been hunting for the last year and I dug a signal 5-6" deep. Out the dirt came a very nice silver ring. The ring had 3 initials inscribed in it. It turned out to be an 8th grade class ring dated 1958. The school was no longer around and I couldn't find any information on who the ring could have belonged to.


One day, I showed my nephew and he wanted to help me find the owner and he mentioned that his father-in-law (Bob) grew up here and knew almost everybody and remembers names and places better than anybody. Sure enough one day he went to a reunion and found the ring owner's sister.

She was quite excited and said the ring belonged to her brother who now lives out of state. After she contacted him he was extremely happy! He remembers losing the ring about 50 years ago and always felt sad about it. Back then, not many 8th graders purchased a ring and he had saved up a long time to buy it.

He sent me a nice letter and hopes to meet me soon when he comes up this way to visit his sister and get reunited with the ring. The local newspaper just did an interview with me and will publish a small story about it this week! I am so glad to be able to reunite the owner with his long lost ring.