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Silver and Stone

By: Anonymous

I was hunting an old stage coach stop from the 1850's with my Minelab CTX 3030, when I came across a high tone that I've grown accustomed to love. Upon looking at my detect screen, I saw the 12/41 at 8 inches.

I started digging and pulled the earth out of the hole and laid it on my hunting towel. I pulled out my new Minelab PRO-FIND 25 and started searching thru the dirt on my towel for the hopeful silver coin. I kept hitting this annoying piece of rock.


I decided to pick it up and discard it. But upon picking it up, I realized I had found a spear point. After doing some research, and getting a hold of an expert on artifacts, I had uncovered a stone age relic.

The stone spear point is called a Cobb's blade. It is from the Archaic period and dated back 10,000 years. Amazing what you might find in the same hole with a coin.

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