Seeking Out All Hunted Out Sites!

By: Anonymous

I can remember the day I obtained permission to metal detect this property here in Culpeper, VA. "Sure you can go but it's been hunted out", okay thanks and off I go. Several of my co workers have hunted here, heck even my father in law. Heck the first day I was there I ran into somebody digging. I am, to my knowledge the only one to hit it with the GPX 5000. It's common to find relics below the plow line at average 18+" deep. I've been many many times and have yet to be skunked at the old hunted out site!

This past weekend was my best outing here however. I got my first plate here with the GPX 5000 at, you guessed it, 18 inches deep. It absolutely screamed-HERE I AM! She may not be the prettiest one ever but it sure is special to me. Thanks for reading and happy Minelabbing to you all!

seeking-all-hunted-out-sites-1 seeking-all-hunted-out-sites-2