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Rings Found and Returned

By: Jessica m.

Last week while away in Calgary we had an email from David White. He informed us that while swimming in Shaha Lake near the solar calendar with his wife Eileen, she noticed that her two wedding rings were missing. They searched and sifted the area but without success. Fortunately they met Brian Doctor at the beach, who put them in touch with our club website. Brian returned the next day and searched extensively and was joined the following day by Jim Tennant but after further searching of the dry sand and the water the rings could not be found. After returning to Penticton I thought I would give it a try so I took my Minelab Excalibur II down to the area of the beach that David had described. I moved out to approximately 4 ft. and planned to sweep past the solar calendar and then make a return trip at the water's edge. I may have swung the coil just once or twice and heard two signals about 2 ft. apart. Digging the first signal produced a white gold ring with 10 small diamonds. After putting that safely in my pouch, I dug the second signal and a 14k. yellow gold band appeared in my scoop. I immediately suspected that I had Eileen's lost wedding rings. A closer inspection at home revealed that they were exactly as described in David's email including the inscription "Loves David" inside the yellow gold band. I emailed David and Eileen White immediately to give them the good news. We met today and the rings are back where they belong.

rings-found-and-returned-1 rings-found-and-returned-2