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Reuniting platinum diamond ring with the owner

By: Brian H.

Hello, This past weekend I decided to go metal detecting at the volleyball court next to the beach here in North Carolina (very cold). I started finding a lot of change over a period of time so I decided to hit the beach itself using my Beach hunter ID to see what I could find especially after the big storm that just passed through North Carolina and within minutes I started finding a lot of change and assorted bottle caps. After several hours of finding several dollars in change and doing my part of cleaning the beach of all the trash that was left behind, I decided to head for my car while still swinging. Still in the soft sand I got a very loud signal and of course I thought it was another pull tab so I reluctantly dug my scoop in and to my surprise I saw the most beautiful ring that I have ever found. I brought it to the jewelry store and they told me it was platinum with diamonds and valued at just over $3,000. I put an add in our local paper to try and find the owner and about a week later I received a phone call from a lady who had lost the ring and we made plans to meet. When I returned the ring to her the look on her face was beyond words, before I knew it we both had tears flowing. I can now say that this is my best find ever and maybe the best find of a lifetime. I don't believe I would have ever found it if I was not using a White's metal detector.