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Returned After 22 Years

By: Anonymous

On Thursday March 22, my wife and I were detecting a hiking trail at a local park. I got a nice 10/12 reading on my Minelab X-TERRA 705. Thinking I had another pull tab, and we found plenty, I still dug it. The machine said 4 inches so I popped a plug about that deep. Right on the bottom of the plug was a beautiful gold class ring. The ring was a from a local high school and was dated 1992. It also had a first name on the face of the ring. I thought, Becky, I'm going to make your day.


Later that evening with a little research, I found a name and phone number that I thought was a match, I called the number and left a message as to who I was and it was about a lost ring. I didn't know it but I had called her parents home and they were out for a long weekend. Sunday night they got the message and relayed it to Becky and she called me back. I asked her if she had lost a ring and she said she did. Well actually her boy friend (now her husband) lost it 22 years ago.

She described the ring and I told her I had found it and would like to meet up with her to return it. I met her on Monday at the park were it was lost. This would be my first returned ring so I had to take a few pictures. She thanked me again and got in her car and drove off. It's something how a ring could be hiding in the ground for 22 years and back on her finger 4 days after it was found. Her 20th reunion is this summer and I'm sure this story will be told more than once.