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Retracing Old Ground

By: Anonymous

As I continue down the get familiar with the CTX 3030 I am hitting some old haunts that I have worked very hard with the E-TRAC...

I headed back to the Colonial that I recovered the 2 Reale, Colonial Buckle, and many other goodies from...

I recovered a 1944 Mercury Silver Dime then a nice musket ball as I was working around to the front of the house…

The CTX 3030 rang out… 11/32 12/33 @ 6”… I had to dig around some roots, but out popped a 2 piece brass button… Looked Civil War period right off…

I could see Cadet USMA (United States Military Academy)… I sent my wife a picture and she replied back that she looked it up and USMA was West Point…


West Point (US Military Academy USMA) Cadet Button... This button's backmark is written in what's called "raised" letters (like on a typical coin), instead of "incised" letters (which go down into the metal). On American-made buttons, a raised-letters back mark almost always means mid-1850s or earlier.

The back mark appears to be "Scovills & Co. / Extra" ...which means the button was manufactured sometime between 1840 and 1850. (The company which made this button became Scovills & Co. in 1840 and changed its name to Scovill Manufacturing Compay in 1850.)

1840’s West Point Cadet Button… WAHOO !!! Thank you Minelab !!

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