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Restoring 65 Years of Memories

By: Anonymous

I and fellow Dayton Digger Tom Johnson were called out to see if we could find a lost wedding ring. The gentleman had lost it he believed in his garden plot two years before and after much fruitless searching thought it was gone for good. His daughter contacted Tom and Tom asked me to help him find it if we could.


The gentleman showed us the garden plot and explained he noticed his ring was missing while he was washing his hands. Tom took one side of the plot and I took the other. I decided to use the Two Tone Ferrous option that way I just would look at the high tones. First target I dug was an old button; the next target gave me a solid 12-29 at about 3”. I turned over the tilled soil and could see the edge of a gold band shining at me! I called the others over and showed them the ring still in the soil.

Tom, the gentleman and his daughter all peered into the hole and with a trembling voice the man said “That’s it!” I looked down at it and I too felt the emotion of the moment, here is the ring that he had for over 65 years now back in his possession. I never felt happier over any find I have made as I watched him clean it off and slip it back on his finger. I now told him “Well now you are out of trouble with your wife”; he just smiled at me and nodded his head!