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Research + Minelab = Success

By: Anonymous

I have been getting use to the E-TRAC ever since I bought it in December of 2011. Every day is a new experience and a learning curve. The machine never ceases to surprise me.

Having said that, just having a good detector doesn't make one a good treasure hunter. I do not claim nor will ever claim to be an expert, but I know if you want to stay one step ahead, you have to do research. I see people complaining all the time that their area doesn't have any place old to detect. Well I am sort of in that same boat since my area keeps tearing down everything old to build something new.


One city nearby I went down to their town hall. I said, "You know, your Police cars say Founded in 1884, yet I bet you cannot show me a building anywhere older than 1970". They couldn't, in fact no one even knew where the center of town use to be.

I do a lot of research and often know more about a town than everyone at city hall. I have one city that I had to get special permission to detect some land, and I am the only one allowed there to do so. The land once had an all black school in the 1800's and in 1950, the county bought the land from that city and tore down the old school and put up a new one.

Today I was detecting in the ball field and stumbled across and piece of grass that must have been part of the old settlement. I found several antique brass pieces, a broach and about 20 broken bottles. I was able to find one old bottle that still had the lid and was not broken. I think that is what set the detector off.

The photo is all the unique old finds from today's hunt on the 1800's plot. The small round piece is a foreign coin.

So no matter where you live, anywhere in the World, I think you can find a place to detect. After all, where ever there are people, there are things that they lost.

Good luck and happy hunting and most of all, thanks again Minelab.