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Received Our V3i's in January and Haven't Looked Back Since

By: Anonymous

I have been detecting off and on for 30 years, I have used many different brand names and designs, I have always liked the top of the line, most complicated ones you can buy, but the problem I always ran into was they never came with enough information in their manuals to really get a good understanding on utilizing the features of these detectors.


For whatever reason I never owned a White’s detector, I guess because most of the dealers I purchased from carried only multi other brands. Last month I thought I would see if there were any new, latest and greatest detectors had hit the market, Every search was bringing up the White’s V3, so I started reading everything I could find on it, I was able to find several forums other than just the White's, I learned a lot about what people found from hands on experience, I also found I could read the online manual and White’s has some great videos on you-tube to let you see the V3 in action, I have never seen so much info on One detector!

Well needless to say, I was hooked, My son and I both detect and we had had a lot of discussions about the V3i, He has always bought mid level detectors, (liked to keep it simple) Well, long story short, My son jumped the gun and ordered his before me, normally he would wait till I bought one and fully tested it, what a surprise.

We both received the V3i's in January 2011, and have not looked back, I learned enough on line to give me a good basic understanding to start detecting. This detector has more real features than anything I have owned, not just a lot of hype, you can easily hunt salt beaches, relics, gold, jewelry, coins, there's no limit, and it’s like having many detectors in one. One more thing, my son has beat me on the first good find, a silver Parachutist Badge ww2 1941-1945 in very good condition, He found it at a location he has pounded with his other detector many times....

The first Parachute badge was designed during World War II by Captain (later Lieutenant General) William P. Yarborough of the 501st Parachute Battalion. A memorandum of record written by Captain Yarborough on April 22, 1941.

Thank you White’s for getting me excited about metal detecting again! To my Wife, be patient, I'll be back

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