Rare WWI Find in Unexpected Location

By: Anonymous

I was out on a Saturday morning detecting at a newer house. I was just expecting to find modern clad and such since there wasn’t much history at this location. Or at least that is what I thought.


After avoiding a lot of scrap aluminium signals all of a sudden I heard a great signal. It was a solid 13-46/47 in both directions. I knew it was something good based on the tone of the signal. I dug up the target quickly as it was easy to pinpoint with the E-TRAC and it was about 6” deep in the ground.

At first I thought it was a button and then I saw the threads on the back and that threw me off. I saw it had an old patina on it and it appeared to have a large "E" or "M" located on the front. My second guess was a knob from an old kerosene lantern. Well after consulting with some fellow detectorists, they helped me correctly identify the item as a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers collar insignia pin from WWI!!! The logo on the front is a castle with two towers. It was threaded because there was a nut on the back that was screwed to the bolt.

After finding this item I did some research and determined that this location used to be an old farming field. I can't wait to bring the E-TRAC back to see what else might be found at this location!