Pretty UNreal Find!

By: Anonymous

Hunted two old yards after work tonite. First one I got the 1890 V nickel and wheats. Trust me I was happy to get just the V nickel, I LOVE old nickels and deep ones are hard to come by, the signals on nickels are very jumpy and I chase a lot of signals to get the ones I have found.

Second house I got the silver quarter, happy again, anyway with silver AND an old nickel I am pumped..........then I got a solid signal, screaming is more like it, came in around 06-46,...07-46 area........Cut the plug and put the pinpointer in the hole it was still a few inches deeper, I reached the loose dirt out and saw the big silver rim, at first I thought I had another silver half. But was I way OFF, it was a 8 reale...........and 1739!!!!! My new OLDEST ever coin. Before this it was a 1746 KG copper. You can say I am more than pleased. I included a freshly dug dirty pic and you can see the details I saw as it came out of the hole, that is an UNreale find, especially for NW Ohio!!!!