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Palstave Axe

By: Anonymous

Had my E-TRAC now for 2 weeks. Took it to a farm near my caravan where I had just got permission used coin mode on factory setting as still getting used to. And after like a hour or so hit into a nice hammered coin at about 6 inch down. Yippee was the first of 5 over the week. Plus 1 roman coin and a lot of buttons and a few things I'm still trying to ID ;).

Then on the last day went to the bottom of the field for a quick scan and got a cracking signal; dug to about a foot down saw this bit of metal appearing. Thought it was a bit of old iron to start with until I seen a bit of green in it. So out popped this axe head with I believe after looking at some pics on the web is a palstave.

What a great start I'm having to this hobby.

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