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One Happy Prospector

By: Anonymous

Recently I had an opportunity to go to Nome, Alaska and work at a mine 7 miles out from there. I was told there were litterally miles of old tailings on there claims. Since the remoteness and terrain I would be in my choice of detectors to look for gold was the X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack. I know that it is rugged and lightweight to use and packs easily.

The weather was not good upon arrival, wind heavy rains and cold. We worked on equipment and helped around the site. After a couple days we were able to get out and go to the area. As told there were old tailings and roads, an old rail head from Nome ended there also so relics were also a probability. During the course of choosing a site the rail head area seemed logical and we started directly on the road which was made of tailings.


The first afternoon we hunted I found a 1 dwt. nugget and was very happy, setting the X-TERRA 705 to a 8 setting on the iron mask helped get rid of small tacks and nails that were everywhere. The next day was nasty and detecting was not going to happen.

The rest of the week was off and on rain/wind/fog but did manage to get out and find nugget #2. The next week broke clear and cool and the hunt was on again. I was working near an old tailings along a road bed that was grown over got a sweet small signal and nugget 3 was dug, 7" down 1.5 dwt. Very happy with that and had a day in with great weather we did a long road trip into the tudra.

On Tuesday it was another great day and off detecting the same area. I had only been out 20 minutes and recieved a large signal that seemed to be more relic than gold but dug it out. Something flipped over in the dig and at that point I was stunned, a 7.1 pwt. nugget appeared and it left me speechless. I picked it up out of the dig and on the face was a quarter sized flat nugget, reverse had quartz and hemetite with gold shot throughout. The X-TERRA 705 made me a true believer in it and it will continue to do so I am sure. Thanks Minelab for a great little machine with all the options from coins to nuggets. Chuck Smalley one happy prospector!

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