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On Cloud Nine with a Flying Eagle

By: Anonymous

Today I had no where new to go so I went back to the farm where I dug my 100th Indian last fall... almost winter. This yard gave up a ton of wheats, several silver and a lot of Indians, and a couple V nickels.


Today I did NOT expect much but I was going to dig all iffy signals I skipped before because of time, I was digging deep shot gun shells, scraps and bits of copper, brass etc... nothing good. I get this 6-7" deep signal that was bouncy but fairly solid from two ways. On the E-TRAC it was 17-21... 15-23... around that area. What the heck I am digging everything. I saw a coin in the hole and thought hmm, must be an old nickel of some sort... NOPE... it was an 1857 Flying eagle... wooHOOOOO. This is only the second flying eagle I have ever dug in 3 yrs. And this one is way nicer than the first!

I was on cloud nine, but continued to hunt, I got a real deep signal I was hoping was a nickel but the FE number was REAL low, it was 01-12, 01-14. But it turned out to be a deep V nickel...1906. Sweet...

I also got a 6 wheat penny spill, did not take pics of it yet, but it had five copper wheats and one steel one that was a solid rusted disk.

Last decent item was the knife, it has some cool details... marked sterling plated.

on-cloud-nine-with-a-flying-eagle-1 on-cloud-nine-with-a-flying-eagle-2