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Old Site Reveals Hidden Treasure

By: Anonymous

Using the X-TERRA 705 with a 10.5" 7.5KHZ. DD coil, I was hunting in a local park in a location where an old house once was located, most likely built in the mid 1800's but now long gone.


During the civil war there was also a union camp located in this park for a short time. I had found various pieces of copper and brass items from the house the copper was hitting in the 32-34 range. I received a signal in the 32 range which was sort of crackly but decided to dig it anyway.

I cut a plug about three to four inches deep and could see the edge of what was a thin copper plate. I pulled the plate from the hole and it was naturally very dirty and covered with usual green petina. I could see the picture of the eagle and the stars around the edge.

Now here is the funny part. I had no idea what it was. I thought it was another relic from the old house, perhaps some logo from a door or some other item. I just stuck it in my finds bag and continued on.

After getting home, I cleaned and looked at my finds, and decided to put it on a forum to try to I.D. it. The first reply was 1850 militia plate and, after further research it turns out it is a civil war belt plate.

I couldn't have been happier, it was a great find! I'm going to frame it with two 58 caliber civil war bullets and a uniform button that was found in a different location, then later donate it to the local museum.

This is not my oldest find but I think my best and most interesting. Location west central Illinois.

Happy Hunting