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Old Homestead Metal Detecting Find

By: Dennis H.

I live in the North East corner of Utah and got into metal detecting after my oldest son got a detector. Now we have the bug! I have been using an Garret Ace 350 detector and really have had a great time with it, but I just upgraded to the Garret AT pro. Things have been crazy at work and at home so I hadn’t been able to get out and try out my new machine. Finally the other day I had a little time, so off I ran to an old homestead that my son, son in law, and myself had detected a total of 7 times but I thought it would be a great test for my new detector. Besides I only had a couple of hours anyway. I had only been there about 1 hour when I got a great hit and low and behold after all the times we have search this spot I came up with this world war 2 button! We don’t find many old coins but every now and then we find something great and this was one of those times.