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Old Home Site Metal Detecting Finds

By: Stephen S.

I was visiting some family in Newberry, SC and my wife’s cousin, who’s also my digging buddy, lined us up a couple of old house sites to detect. The woods were thick around the old house and we had to pick and choose our way through the underbrush. I had dug a few old shotgun shell ends that came up 13 on my Equinox 800. But I was looking for old nickels or flat buttons so I kept digging them. Well, I got another 13, and dug down expecting another shotgun shell, but to my surprise I popped out a round item that I immediately recognized as the front of a 2 piece civil war era button. The front of it was caked with sand and soil, but looking from the inside of it I could see the distinct design of the palmetto tree!! I had just recovered a South Carolina State seal button in South Carolina! I’ve been fortunate enough to find 2 of these in East Tennessee but I’m glad to have them all and I don’t care how many of them I find, it’s always a thrill to find them. Here are some pics of it just dug and then after careful cleaning with toothpicks.

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