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Old Detector Finds a New Class Ring

By: Robert K.

I decided to head to the beach with my oldest Minelab Excalibur that I rarely use and to see if it still performs as it did when I bought it twenty four years ago. I have five Excaliburs total and am on the beach several times a week. I drove to a section of the beach that I rarely visit for it is unproductive most of the time. After an hour I had eight coins and a fishing sinker. It was two hours past low tide and I was working just above the tide line when I got a heavy tone and saw a large blue stone ring in my scoop. Right away I could tell it was a costume jewelry ring. At that point I was happy for at least I found jewelry. I continued and about a minute later I get another good signal and in my scoop is a girl's school ring. The ring was a 2017 class ring from Shelby High School Ohio. I continued detecting for another hour and a few more coins were added to the others and then I headed home. After arriving home I saw the school ring had the full name of the student engraved on the inside. I called the school from my home in Florida and spoke with the school secretary and gave her the name of the student. She informed me that the mother of the girl who lost the ring worked in the high school and switched me over to her. We had a nice conversation and she was so happy the ring was found since her daughter only had it a short time. The following day I sent priority mail to be reunited with its owner. I was also delighted that my twenty four year old Excalibur still can perform like a champ!