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Nokta AU Gold Finder Finds

By: W R.

This nugget I found using the AU in less than 20 minutes and weighs 1.5gm. I got $45, so yes they find gold and are good (Nokta) its only that in Zimbabwe they know Minelab and they trust their products and use X-Terra 705 and GPX 5000 but I believe that a lot of people are now getting to see the importance of these Turkish detectors, I like the Nokta very much. I have found gold with it where I used to go with my Garret ATX and GPX 5000 (friend). They also use the AT Pro but it is not popular. That is a 5 cent bond coin and that area had a lot of trash. If it wasn't of the AU's visual discrimination I would not have found it. I found 6 nuggets in 3 days with the AU when I went to the bush in about maybe 6 hours of detecting. They gave me $138 x 14.5 =R2000. If I would have sold it direct to the bank I was going to get about around R2.600.

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