No Trade Backs!

By: Jessica m.

I have been detecting for about 4 years now. I've always used one of your competitor’s detectors and wanted to try White’s. I found someone with a used White's MXT who wanted to do the same. We agreed to meet at a local park which I thought was hunted out. [split] We made the trade and began learning our new toys. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I was hitting target, after target. After about three hours of hunting we met up to see what we found. My fellow hunter found about ten to twelve clad coins. I wasn't looking forward to showing him my loot. He was surprised when I had a large pocket filled with clad, a 7mm bullet case which was sliced up by a mower, and a nice large men’s 925 silver ring. Needless to say my trading partner didn't look to happy. The following week I had a free day to myself. Out I went again to another park I thought was hunted out. In about 3 hours time once again I came away with another large pocket filled with clad, a silver charm, 1961 silver dime, 925 silver necklace with pennant, and a nice 925 silver ring with chip diamonds. My trading/hunting partner has since been out a few times and hasn't had much luck. He didn't sound too happy with my results, but the only thing going through my mind "No Trade Backs". So glad I made the change to White’s. Now I'm hooked and already saving my clad for a new White’s accessories or maybe even a new DFX machine.

no-trade-backs-1 no-trade-backs-2