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Nice Find Leads to an Even Nicer Experience

By: Anonymous

It is funny how things work out. A couple of weeks ago, my friend Doug, my wife Diane and Doug’s son Malachi decided to go to an old park that has been good to us in the past, giving up such items as Seated Quarter, many Indian heads, an assortment of Nickels such as Shield, V, and Buffalos.

So with anticipation of some good finds, we started our hunt. It started out with Doug finding a Buffalo and V Nickel fairly soon. I was finding mainly clad a goodly amount but not anything to whip the blood.


I then got a nice solid 12-43 signal and at 4 inches found a first for me, a high school class ring. It looked like it was in good shape except for being bent, which probably came from a mower running over it with its wheels and not hit by the blades. A quick look allowed us to see a name engraved on this 2007 ring which was from the local High School, so I thought this will be easy to return.

Metal detector finds - 1868 shield nickel Later on in the hunt, I found another first for me... an 1868 Shield nickel and Doug finished up his Nickel grand slam with finding his own 1868 Shield nickel.

On the ride home, my thoughts were more on the ring than the Shield nickel. I know that sounds odd, but I was excited to think I can surprise someone with returning an item that they probably thought was gone forever. Now, I have been able to find at least four other rings for people, but this came from requests and anticipations that their precious item may be found.

After trying directory searches for her in several different towns, I still was not successful. During the time I was trying to contact her, I took the ring to my jeweller friend Ted Herzog and he graciously straightened it out for me at no charge. I thought well if I ever do find her, the ring will be in the condition she lost it.

On the Fourth of July we decided to go back to the same town doing another hunt which was successful again with Doug finding an Indian Head, Buffalo Nickel and two wheat pennies and I found a very nice 1918-S Mercury dime.

Metal detector finds - 2007 high school ring After finishing the hunt, Doug stopped in town to get gas and something to drink. While he was filling the car and the boys were selecting their drinks I walked up to the store where several men were sitting out in front talking. One of them said hello to me and I returned the greeting I then asked him “Do you by chance know Miss Blank?”, he said he didn’t but one of his friends here might. One of the men said well “I have heard of her, but don’t know her” but that I might ask a young lady he saw in the store.” He said “I think she knows her and might even be related to her”.

Just then the young lady came out and I introduced myself and asked her “Do you know Miss Blank?” she gave me a quizzical look and said “I am Miss Blank!” I was taken aback since I thought she had moved.

After explaining about her ring, I got her address and on Thursday the fifth, the ring was sent on its way back home to its owner. After all my searching on how to return it, I never expected this. A nice find leads to an even nicer experience. It is a memory that will stay with me for a long time!

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