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New Year, Best Metal Detecting Finds

By: Tommy J.

I started detecting over 35 years ago with a White’s Coin master. I detected a few years off & on but eventually quit due to time restraints from my job. Fast forward to 2015 & I am retired with more time. My wife bought me a White’s MXT All Pro for my Christmas present and I’ve been at it for nearly 3 years. This January has to be the BEST month of incredible finds I’ve ever had! First silver dollar, first half dollars & about 40 silver coins from one location. The site that I have hunted for 10 days or so, weather permitting, is about 2 miles from my house, an area where a riding arena built back in fifties once stood. Through February 2nd, I have found 1- 1885 Morgan dollar, 2- walking liberty half dollars, 1- 1876 seated liberty dime, 10- mercury dimes, 23- Roosevelt dimes, 1- buffalo nickel, 5- Jefferson silver nickels, and probably 50+ wheat pennies. I do the majority of my detecting within 5 miles of home, usually from January till July or so, when it usually gets too hot & dry to detect. I usually detect 2 to 3 hours a day, mostly in the afternoons or as much as my wife will let me! Currently using Whites MXT All Pro with a SEF 6x8 coil and a Whites pinpointer. Love to hunt around old houses or home places. I look forward to finding civil war relics in the near future. Pictures are of total finds in January minus the pennies, today’s finds, and 1 of walking liberty half dollars found today also. Thank you Kellyco for detector and accessories!

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