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New Silver

By: Anonymous

Back in June I brought the X-TERRA 705 home, read the manual and was off and running. I was hunting the biggest of four parks in my hometown. I found 6 wheat pennies 2 to 6 in down that first week.

I was finding a lot of clad coins, but still no silver. I got a signal in one of the small parks and 8 in down found a 1903 indian head penny. Little did I know the best was yet to come. I went back to that firt park and was hunting out by the road, when I got a signal by a stake that keep people from driving on the park grass. I dog down 9 in and aw my first glint of silver. I reached into the hole and when I pulled it out there looking at me was a 1824 50c piece in mint condition. I did my new silver dance then.

Thanks Minelab and chuck for the best detector I have ever owned. Minelab lives up to its name for going deep. The X-TERRA 705 is fabulous.