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Never Had So Much Fun

By: Anonymous

I was sitting in my living room and it suddenly dawned on me what an amazing machine the E-TRAC really is. I have owned it for about two months now and as I learn more about the machine the more respect I have for the technology that has been engineered into it.

I have been detecting a football field in my local park and I am overwhelmed at how many coins there are in the ground. I leave after every hunt with a pocketful of change. I have never come upon a site with so many coins. I suddenly remembered that I had tried to detect this field before with no success with my previous detector. Remembering my experience I decided to write this amazing story.


My detector (at the time) was continuously blanking the threshold on all of the steel signals that were present in this football field. The detector couldn’t pull the good signals from among all the bad ones. I told the caretaker of the park that the football field was full of steel and he informed me that when they had graded the field they had used soil that came from ACIPCO (American Cast Iron Pipe Co.) I worked for Nucor Steel for 26 years so I have quite a bit of knowledge of steel-making. The process of steel production results in a lot of steel scale being left over. The scale contains particles of steel ranging in size from microscopic to as large as a silver dollar. Apparently there was a lot of steel scale mixed into the topsoil that was used in the football field. I gave up on hunting it on receiving this information.

Now about two months later I went back to the site to do a little detecting with my E-TRAC on the baseball field as it is free of this steel problem. I do most of my coin shooting with the E-TRAC in QuickMask with the 30’s blacked out on the FE so as not to lose any good signals, but also to block out any signals from steel and iron. I forgot about the problem with the football field and wandered over to it to do a little detecting. I started finding coins at the rate of about three coins per square foot around the outside of the field! I was shocked. Sometimes there would be several coins in the same hole! A lot of times I wouldn’t even stand back up as I could just swipe the coil across the ground and get another signal.

When I hunt, I dig the hole with a small shovel, and then I get out my plastic shovel and pass the dirt in front of the coil to see if I have retrieved my target. Well during this process I noticed that many of the shovels of soil would blank the threshold sound as I passed it in front of the coil. I started checking and there were pieces of steel mixed in the soil. Eventually I would find my targeted coin. As I was leaving the field, a woman walking the track built around the football field asked me if I had found anything and I told her how plentiful the treasure was in the area. I said “It must have never been detected before because it would take many, many years for so many coins to build up like this”. Then this woman answered and said “ I have seen someone out here on several occasions with a detector” I then said to her “Then he must have had a pretty sorry detector because this place is full of good stuff!”.

Later, as I sat here in my living room I thought “You know…the person detecting in that field may have had a decent detector after all. I just own one sure-nuff great detector!” The claim that the E-TRAC can separate good targets from the bad is an understatement, it can detect the good targets with the bad ones. On my last hunt I found a wheat penny, a silver locket, and a war time tax token in the field along with my pocketful of regular coins. Now I know there are some older targets mixed in this soil. This really opens up some wonderful opportunities for some great hunts at this field in the future. I have covered only a small area of this large piece of land as it is slow going with all the coins to dig up but that’s what it’s all about. Without the E-TRAC, I could never have this much fun!